Entry 11-Homesick

Being homesick is very common among college students.A week after orientation I feel so sad and lonely, think about people at home all the time, want to go home every weekend, and just feel generally depressed.

But When I started to get involved in college activities keep me busy and i reducing my time to be homesick. They also allow me to meet more people and make new friends. The more friends I make at college, the less homesick I will felt.

I also keep in touch with my family and friends from home through phone calls, texts, e-mails, facebook, and twitter. I tried not to call home every day because that might make me feel worse and increase my feelings of homesickness.

I keep in mind that my feelings of homesickness will go away eventually. As I get used to my new surroundings, I grow more comfortable in my college environment.

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