Entry 9: The latest craze after selfies, “af”s

Entry 9:  The latest craze after selfies, “af”s
I find it so annoying when people use the term “af” .What does “Goals af” even mean ?! It sounds rather shallow and doesn’t really give much meaning. I often find this term being plastered all over social media and what’s worse, some have incorporated this nonsensical term in their daily speech. Dear netizens, expand the horizons of your adjectives please. Adjectives are the very life bread of the soul of the English language. They feed the verbs, uplift the nouns and give meaning to all the beautiful things we wish to express. Take heed dear netizens! Remember, English is too beautiful to limit your adjectives to “af” lol. So please end your sentences beautifully next time. Give a thought to what you write. I’m not saying you should start going back to the Shakespearean era and saying “shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” when you cross paths with your crush. I’m saying just try to craft your sentences beautifully. Find the right words to truly express how you’re feeling. 


I would like to thank my editors : Syazwan and Nabilah Z.

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