ENTRY NO 3-camping experience

During primary school,i always participate in camping.The camping would in 3 days and 2 nights.I usually have a camp in the campsite.In the camp,the activities that the campers do are the extreme activities such as flying fox,canoeing,rock climbing and etc.When i was in form 5,i was choosen to participate in KRS camping at Mukah,Sarawak with 20 others students with 4 teachers.We have training at Jerantut for a week.

Then,we get aboard to Sarawak from KLIA,Sepang.That is the very first time in an aeroplane.I see the the cars and the animal small as an ant.I also saw the the very big sea.Then,we ahead to the campsite for 5 hours.At there,we used to learn the culture of Sarawakians.
Then,we have tour to Mukah town and buy souvenirs for family.We back to Pahang after a week there.I have a lot of experience and sweet memory there.I want to be a man that can adapt situation in surrounding and be a and extreme guy.

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1-Amar Afifi


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