ENTRY NO 4-trying something new

When i’m had finished last paper of spm,i decided to return to my grandmother house.For this break,i have plenty of time to spent before continuing my studies.Day by day,i just be at house and just watching television,eating,playing with kitten and etc.

One day,my uncle came from Selangor.He bought a fishing set.Actually he bought for his son and daughter and want to taught them about fishing. But i join them and learn from my uncle.After they back to their home,i decided to try fishing as a new hobby.I bought amateur fishing and start that activity on the next day.At the day,that was very bored.

The fish do not eat the baits and that day was so hot.After a few hours,with dissapointed,i back to home.The next day,i try my luck again and the same goes on to me.Maybe this is not my luck anymore.I will try again and learn it with other experience people.

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2-Amar Afifi

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