ENTRY NO 5-red letter day

Two years ago,our country had been shocked by a natural disaster,which flood.This disaster had had covered mostly east state such as Pahang,Kelantan,Terengganu and others.Based on the records,this is the biggest flood ever recorded.This flood had paralyzed almost 500,000 of people .The destruction of properties had reached millions ringgit.I am one of the victims.On that moment,i was at my village at Pahang.

Everyday Was raining cat and dog.My village are along the river of Sungai Semantan,branches of Sungai Pahang.I saw the level of water was rose up continously.For that,my uncle told us to packed our things.I and my uncle set up a raft,which made from industrial wood and float by barrel.Done of it,we started to move out the electrical equipment onto the raft.

After the house cleared,we move out from the village and drove to my auntie house.On the next day,we back to the village.We saw that the water level had swallowed half of the house. After checkesd the raft,we move out again.The water level keep rose up and almost sink our house.

This situation was elongate to two weeks.After  the situation back to normal,we found that the house had been badly damaged and smly due methanol of the mud.We took almost a month to clean up our property.I hope i do not experience this disaster anymore in future and in my life.

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2-Amar Afifi

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