ENTRY NO 6-bad memory

Everybody have their own bad memory.Maybe failure in exam,unsuccessful projects,missing thier love and others.I have my own bad memory.It is cause by motorcycle accident.
On that day,i and my brother,which 3 years younger from me,wanted to have take some air at village.So,we take a ride.After forth and back in the village,we remembered at the hill,there was a road a road that fuction as second way.This road was rarely used moreover it in forest.
We feel very cold in there.Arrived at a hill,i had to slow down my bike.I.pull handbrake and turn to the right.Suddenly,i lost my control and both of us fell down.I was very blur.’What was just happen’?I find my brother and he was fine.I pull up my bike and told my brother to take over on ride.Then,i feel pain at my knee.I checked and found that there had a wound and its bleeding. We headed to home and clean that wound.We don’t tell mom about that and that is my bad memory.

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2-Amar Afifi

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