Entry 5-D3musketeers

I named it as the 3 musketeers. Well there is a story behind this title. After my spm, there was a boy who started to WhatsApp me every single days. I replied his texts because he was one of my good friends during my school times. I felt enjoyed texting with him. We talked lots of things,shared stories and so on. After for while, I thought I started to like him. But I just reminded silent. I Never said anything because I am not sure whether he felt the same or it was just me and my feeling. Suddenly after I did some tests I am quiet sure that maybe he like me. And I was wrong. Because there was one day where I texted my friends to share my feeling toward him. But unfortunately my friends also liked him and he also treated her exactly the same like he treated me. Felt betrayed. But when I had some thought after all  that guy never said anything about liking me. It was me who wronged because had that thought. So I just ignored my teenage feeling and continue friending with him. And starting on that day I become close with the others 2 girls who that boy uses to text. And we named us as the 3 musketeers.

Edited by Celine and eyza

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