Day 7

All and all, this journey was amazing. If someone were to write our adventure into a book, I would definitely recommend it to you. Our adventure had so many funny moments, like when Berto started screaming like a little girl when he saw Raul, and I feel like other people would enjoy it. On the other hand, the book would probably not be accurate to what happened in real life. Like when I told my friend Amanda how many plates Bert ate, he said that it was impossible for him to eat that much. (But trust me, I was there and it was not a pretty sight.) Also when Berto fell into the water, all he did was complain about how he was cold, and that I should have helped him. Now that I’m thinking about it, that’s why I’m writing these diaries. I’m going to make a book about our journey, but this will contain the truth. Now I really hope you buy and read the book because I wrote it.

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