Entry 10: Johnny Trilogy part 3

This is the continuation from previous entry. You may call it as part 3 from the Johnny Trilogy

The finale of the story begin in Johnny Rebellion.At this point, Johnny is really pissed.He even raises the army from hell to kill the devil. But this time around,he really kills the devil.As the devil was defeated,Johnny begins to hunger for power.He sees all the sinners around him and realizes that he’s their savior, they owe it all to him. So instead of leaving hell, he decides to stay and punish the sinners. He utters the words: “I’m your leader, your savior, your king; and I don’t think I’m ready to leave”. So yeah, he’s become the devil himself. 

They manage to fulfil the expectation set  on them. The finale is probably the best among the three and was truly unexpected. I wish they could come out with a new sequel for the trilogy.

CC to Gan and Syazwan

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