Entry 16:Tricking

Martial art tricking. Most of us wouldn’t know it since it is not that popular compared to taekwondo or silat. But rather than martial art, tricking is more of a sport.  Tricking is a mixed movement of kick,flip and twist. This three components is very important since these are the core of your tricks. Not mastering these can result an injury or a sloppy combo. The martial art ricking are commonly used in every action movies . Since it is more breathtaking and awesome, lots of training are required to gain even one trick. Tricking also kinda likes a compilation of every moves in martial art compile into one. And everyone is free to do anything they want in tricking.I used to trick during my days in secondary school .Hopefully I’ll trick again and participate in the tricking battle that held once a year at the end of the year.

CC to Gan and Syazwan

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