Entry 2 : My Favourite Food

29 November 2015

Favourite food? What do you mean by favourite food? Favourite food is food that you like to eat almost everyday. In our country, most people like to eat ‘Nasi Lemak’. ‘Nasi Lemak’ is the most popular food among Malaysians that can be clearly seen especially in the morning. Nasi Lemak is most likely to be sold in the morning for breakfast. But for me, I like to eat chicken rice. I love chicken rice because of the variation of ingredients in the dish. Chicken rice is my favourite food because the meal is unique. Chicken rice is mostly sold in noon as many people prefer having it as lunch. The most popular restaurant that sells chicken rice is at Jalan Ampang, 72200, Kuala Lipis. The name of the restaurant is Nasi Ayam Farah. Furthermore, the price of the dish is also affordable and reasonable. The price and the taste of the food there attracts many people. Therefore, I recommend this restaurant as the chicken rice is very delicious.

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