Entry 3 : My Favourite Holiday

29 November 2015

After I finished my SPM examination, I hav many free time before I pursue my studies. It was the time for me to feel relax and enjoy. Then, I asked my parents to fill up my holiday by making a short vacation at Teluk Kemang beach in Port Dickson. I suggested to go there on Chinese New Year holiday.
Time flew by and the next thing I knew, I was packing my suitcase. I packed in lots of clothes. After all the bags were packed, my parents and I started. After 3 hours in the car, we arrived at Teluk Kemang Beach Resort. My parents decided to stay in Teluk Kemang Beach Resort for two days and one night and checked in to that resort.
After I changed my clothes, I asked my parents for permission to go to the beach because I was very excited. The activities that I played and experienced it were snorkling, banana boats, motorboat rides and etc. I took the opportunity to play all the available games.
The next day, we had to pack our things because it was the last day at Teluk Kemang beach. It is the most meaningful holiday to me because I played and experienced many games and activities at the beach. It is my favourite holiday ever.

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