Entry 9 Johnny Trilogy part 2

This is the continuation from the previous entry

Johnny Ringo which is the first song from the trilogy is about Johnny Ringo himself who is about to die.However, he manages to cheat death by selling his soul to the devil.At first,Johnny feels as if he is on the cloud nine as he has a second chance in life,but eventually the devil comes back to claim what is rightfully his.

Followed by Johnny revenge which take place in hell.The first thing that comes out from his mind is to seek revenge.He manages to kill the devil but dissapointment strike his mind as the devil he killed was not the devil himself but only the devil’s slave.

The story behind the songs is very interesting for me. Even though, Johnny Revenge is not quite that good in term of music.  But it’s an okay,just not my cup of tea.

CC to Gan and Syazwan

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