ENTRY NO 8-taking driving license

        Last year,i and my had agreed to take motorcycle license.After got an agreement from our parent,we headed to Ekonomi Ceria Sdn.Bhd that near from our home.In that day,the last class for theoritical class was conducted by the lecturer that had qualification on vehicle license.

       After we settled the fee,we entered the very cold room.In there,we heard for the lecture almost for eight hours. Next Wednesday,we need to take online test at  JPJ E-TEST.I had scored for 42/50 marks and almost failed.What a scary moment.

       Two weeks later,we had to attend practic class which is did in real circuit.We learn how to ride the bike with correct way,how to give signal,how to communicate with other road users the tips how to pass the exam,which conducted by JPJ officer itself.We had to attend The class for eight hours.After done it,we take an appointment for the real test.After fortnight,the real test began.We arrived around 8 o’clock.

         After the registration,we were gathered with other students to had briefing.One by one students had took turn to sit for the test.Then,my turn had arrived. I start the bike and did all the test as well as i could.Eventhough there was little nervous,i succes to manage it well.At the end of the exam,all of being gathered again to announce the result.Thank God i was passed and my friend did to. The next day,we go to JPJ main office to get the license.Now,i had a bike license.I am very proud to have it because it is one of my dreams.

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1-Amar Afifi


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