ENTRY NO 9-outing day in Malacca

A few last week ago,Malacca Matriculation College had a few day of break,due to independent day of Malaysia.In that period,the students were allowed to back to hometown.But i and few of my friends decided stay back.We would to go Malacca Central,which AEON mall located there.On saturday,we move from college and  wait for the bus at Masjid Tanah bus station.

After aboard,we move along the village road.I see many beautiful house with green landscape.We arrived at the town of Malaccaa.I saw the town have beautiful decoration.No wonder this state have many visitors from local and foreigners.A few minutes later,we arrived at the mall.Due did not eat for breakfast,we take a meal at KFC restaurant.

After that,we take a look on the shops there.I see all the goods such as shoes,clothes,pants and others have their own quality and its branded.I just can see it because i cannot afford it yet.After tired walking,we rest at surau in the mall.After perform prayers,we ahead to Malacca Central bus centre.

We were very tired on that day.We arrived at college around 4 pm.After perform prayers,i sleep until 7 pm.That is my first time be in Malacca and i want to travel this state before complete my programme here.

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1-Amar Afifi


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