Shaping The Future

A dream or an idea in the very beginning of its creation is like a seed. The strength, shape, and beauty of the finished product is determined by the energy and care you put forth into its production.

I’ve been finding myself dragging my feet on searching for jobs. I’ve worked in the food / restaurant industry for 10 plus years. Not to toot my own horn, but I’m a really good waitress. I sincerely care for my guests. I’m burnt out though. I need a job where I am active, helping people, and putting my brain to good use. I love problem solving.

An idea started creeping up on me even before the car accident. I want to help people, really help people when they need it the most. I thrive in chaotic situations. I really really would like to be a first responder of some kind. I have no desire to be a police officer. I lack the physical strength to be a fire man. I want to be an EMT (and work my way towards being a paramedic) .

I am really excited about this new goal of mine. I can’t wait to get started. I’m going to go to the admissions office of a near by college so that I can begin the process of signing up for the appropriate courses (as well as applying for financial aid).

I can not wait to start this new journey!!! In the end I hope I can make a difference. I want to help others as a means of paying back all the help that I have received in my life.

So I lift my tropical punch fourloco and drink towards a bright future. May I make a difference in this world. May I pass my good fortune forward. May I comfort a needy shoulder in its time of despair. May I have the strength to handle loss and recognize that I will not be able to save everyone. May I learn some piece of wisdom from the ashes out of every tragedy.

Here’s to the future and all that I can make out of it!

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