Cat Fight

Toothless, as usual, spent much of the day in her corner near my bed. I hate seeing her a shell of her former self. I’m hoping with lots of TLC and her medications she can pull through this.

Deedee and I brought her outside for a lil’ mandatory exercise and change of scenery. Toothless’s body posture appeared to have improved some what, maybe I am just being hopeful.

Tonight Andy was especially playful. He really wanted to make friends with Toothless. He got on his back and wiggled up to Toothless. She whipped her tail at him. He thought it was invitation to play. It wasn’t.  It was a warning he over looked. Toothless reached out, hissed, and sunk her claws into poor Andy’s paw. He’s okay, but she did get him really good. Luckily Andy is such a lovey boy, I know this squirmish won’t get him down.

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