Day 27 of being a missing person presumed dead

I’m currently somewhere in Mexico. The PC I installed remotely in central Oregon is still active and keeps me updated regarding my former family members and ex-wife’s fruitless attempts to locate me.

Currently they believe I’m somewhere in Montana. The police in Montana will not find any traces of me there. The blind drop in Minnesota has not been discovered. Neither has the letter in Texas, I do hope that is located before it biodegrades too much.

I’m going to get my teeth modified quite a bit here in the next couple weeks. The false name and fake passport have worked flawlessly though they wont work forever. Traveling by air will have to wait until I’ve made it further south.

I’ve gotten 2 new tattoos and had my previous one removed entirely along with my finger prints. That process was intensely painful and I’m very disappointed with the results- effective yet saddening. My hands no longer have any of my history. Scars are patches of chemical burns now and the nerve damage is much less painful. It feels like the fist I make now is much tighter and the grip is like little needles from a strip of velcro rather than the feeling of grabbing a hot pipe like it was before.

The scars on my wrist are still there. I’m actually afraid to burn them off without access to any adequate medical supplies. I might need to surrender my left hand from the forearm down at some point to really be rid of the dead man I left behind in the US.

The new piercings seem to be a hit with the people I’ve met so far. Everyone comments on my left ear asking if it’s African or Malasian or even Pacific Islander. It’s wonderful that the new accessories are more memorable than my eyes and hair color.

I continue to call the previous hotels about people with my description and I can confirm that disguising my speaking voice with the accent I’ve used since the 14th has been very effective.

This tan is absolutely wonderful, I actually look like a local though my chest and eye color really give it away. I did try wearing color altering contacts but my eyes become intensely irritated which is a shame.

In the mean time I’m brushing up on my Chinese, Russian, German, and Brazilian Portugese.

There’s still a lot more getting lost to do before I finally have a real new identity.

I wont be returning to the US until I am confirmed deceased.

The teeth and ear at the blind drops should be enough to make a murder believable as they fit the profile of a yet identified serial killer in the bible belt. I’m sorry buddy, if you are ever caught I’ll send you a letter if I can, thanking you for the alibi.

Many thousand miles left to walk on this first year of my journey. If the malnourishment doesn’t kill me then the elements might.

I’m so glad that my DNA profile was never collected before I did this, or else I might have had to cut off my whole ear! I’d have done it though to be convincing.

Being dead is hard. I miss my friends, but that person has died. If those old friends meet a stranger in a few decades that just clicks with them then I guess that’s a good thing.

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