Entry 13- My Lovely parent

My parent is the first people whom really important to me. I love my parent so much because they care and love me so much. They always support me in every situation, when I am down, they try to give me some advices that can make me up again. When I am happy, they are happy too. They always help me if I have some problems in my life. My family members are only six people including me,my oldest brother,sister and my youngest brother.

The leader of my family is my father. His characteristics are pretty tall, thin and has black skin. He is a great father whose I have and I am very proud of him. He is a resolute man and he is so patience person. He never gets angry with me. He just gives me advice if I did something wrong. The best thing from him, he is not stingy to me. He always tries to complete my necessities. I love him.

Second, my mother is the best mother for me. She is thin, short, has short hair and has brown skin. She is a talkative person and easy to get angry to me, but I know that is kind of her love to me. She is a good house wife and she can also be my friend. She always wants to listen my story, even if I tell her about my friends or someone who likes me. I always ask her for some advices. My mother also can be my teacher. She teaches me everything that I do not know before; for instance, cooking, washing. She teaches me to be an independent girl. I love her very much.

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