Entry 6 – holiday pt 1

Holiday sure brings happiness. Of course for a student that have struggled 5 months unconditionally like me. Haha. We can focus more on family, spent time with them and tighten the bonds. So, students really should appreciate it!

As for the first story, let me tell you about my activities in my previous holiday. My brother n sisters are still studying while my parent are working yet leaving me alone at home. So, its up to me what to do, eat and so on.

Now, for the interesting part, its about my journey to banting alone by riding . First, i went to bank islam and draw some money and then i ordered 2 personal dominos pizza and eat it all by myself. It was attempting and delicious!. I’d ordered classified chicken and banana kaya pizza. The classified chicken have the tastier one because it was cheezy, creamy and a mix of spicy taste as i remember. But then, it is not the best activity for me. So, whats the best activity i’d do during holiday? Wait for the next entry.

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