Feeling Like Cinderella

This years Thanksgiving, a holiday I’ve ALWAYS looked forward to, brought a lot of light to the whole tradition and to what REALLY goes on during this day for those of you who do all the work. At a time when i should of been grateful for the people around me, I was overwhelmed; emotional, physically exhausted ….and it all began the weekend before this”joyous” holiday. 

(Well, the bad luck started far before that, when i lost my car to a transmission that began as a wheel bearing issue, to a kitten i saved from being stuck in a bush who then became lodged in my car, but i digress…the downward spiral that is my emotional breakdown started drifting out of my control sat the 21st of November 2015)

My mother was admitted to the ER around 11 friday, got moved to a room by 5 am Saturday, had surgery by 6am and wasnt Released until sunday night. She did great which was a relief but i quickly realized I would be in charge of the feast, and the shopping this year. We havent had a family thanksgiving in years. Normally , im with my friends or boyfriends family, my brothers do their own thing, and my mom takes it easy with her husband. This year however, my brother, his new wife and baby had moved back, i was living with my mother and now, she was incapacitated….Great.

So i made the list..

Checked it twiced..

Figured it would all be nice, Until, the wednesday before Thanksgiving(Prep Night)


The discovery of inappropriate messages to another woman is what started it all. The snooping, the finding, the dealing, the crying

 The unhappiness overtook me and it showed. I held it together till i was done cooking but everyone knew i wasnt handling my day well. I slept it off and it took me another day to discuss the issue with my little lion. He never has the words i need in a moment where he has done wrong. He soley wants to save his ass before anyone elses. Maybe he is the selfish type afterall. 



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