How’s mom?

Last night everything just happened so fast. I don’t even know where to start at all, everything was going good. I remember I was sleeping then I ended up getting awoken by someone shaking me, I was just thinking I really want to sleep, I have school tomorrow but out of my tiredness I ended up opening my eyes. As I looked it was my mom’s boyfriend waking me up, he had said my mom had severe pain in her stomach and she couldn’t take it anymore so he had to take her to the hospital. I then had to stay home because I had school the very next day, I stayed home not being able to fall back asleep at all just thinking how is my mom doing? What is she doing at this very moment? I then fell asleep, woke up this morning did the usual, get ready for school. My mom’s boyfriend walked in and first thing I said was how’s my mom?? He had said “well they still don’t know what is wrong with her, but she was in a lot of pain. As soon as I got there they had attended her, I haven’t slept either I have just been with her the whole time” I then said thank you, I just hope my mom is ok, are you going to go to work?” He then mentioned no that he wasn’t going to go to work because he was going to stay with her the whole day in the hospital. I got out of school after being in school thinking throughout the day how is my mom, when I walked in the hospital I then saw my mom. She looked ok, better than how she did yesterday at home. I guess the doctors still didn’t know what was wrong with her so they were going to do several studies on her. Tonight I am staying the night here in the hospital with mom, I hope everything goes well tomorrow. By the way she has an awesome view of the ocean!

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