That guy X

It was July/August and I was bored at my house during vacations, so my friend asked me if I wanted to go to her friend’s party with her. Even not knowing the guy I decided to go.

There were a guy there who caught my attention, after we talked a little, my friend told me that he wanted to hook up with me, I was so nervous but of course I said yes.

Of all the guys that I have hooked up with, he was the one I liked the most, he was so cute and so respectful. Ok, then he asked my number but till some days ago he hadn’t texted me.

We saw each other at parties but I pretended that I haven’t seen him, but one day he texted me, and I got super excited and happy because I really like him,  we spent days talking and it was so fun, but we are not talking anymore, the last day we talked was yesterday, and I wrote him first. I wish he text me again.


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