Entry 4 : Friends

29 November 2015

Friend is a someone who you like, know, trust and enjoy being with. Friends are one of most important things in our lives. We can have a lot of friends. It does not matter what they are. I have a lot of friends from childhood friends until nowadays. I would to write about my best friends. I have five friends who I close with. We be friend begun our secondary school. We have different personalities and family backgrounds. Most of them are youngest child in their family. We always spent our time together, talked each other and played around together to reduce our stress. Now, we separate according our own paths to continue our studies. Although we rarely meet each other, we always manage to call and chat each other to know about our daily lives. I glad and grateful have them as my best friends. I hope our friendship will lasting forever.

Edited by Ayu and Afiqah

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