ENTRY NO 10-throwback

Its 9.46 pm.I writing journal while listening to the pop song by LMFAO  band.Actually i am taking some break from doing science computer tutorial.This semester,the lecturer  do not provide us lecture note.I don’t agree with this change.Its difficult to me to do my revision. Alright,this is maybe challenge to achieve success.Throw back in this day,everything was going well.But when i was attended Sir Izzie class,i became nervous because he want to checked our class journal.I was  scared my numbers up.But somehow luckily this day,its not my turn.My classmate,Suaidah, had been punished due to many grammar errors in her previous journal.She had to rewrite the journal and copy 200  same sentence.Oh my god,if i not correct my grammar,maybe soon,i get same punishment or even heavier. After the class,i went to atm machine withdrawal.Unfortunately,the machine broke again.I do not know what it is problems actually.Maybe it time to replace it with the better one.I hope there are better day for me.Hopefully!

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