First Online Entry

This is weird. I’m used to writing in a piece of paper that doing this almost feels wrong. Almost. The idea of someone actually reading it is… nice. I don’t feel like introducing myself. I think people get to know you more by reading the entries. I am currently reading, maybe for the third time, the book Crescendo from the Hush Hush series. It kinda reminded me about betrayal. You put your whole trust into someone’s back that when they start running, they forget about it. Just like that. And what can you do? Nothing. The trust fell, broke into pieces, remember? It takes a while to put them back. There’s around 6 minutes left till the school bell rings. Lunch is not that bad, I mean, I only hang out with my cousin. Yeah, I have friends. I used to have a lot of friends. Be careful with who you hang out with. Nothing’s ever like it seems. Nothing. Well, this is the end of my first entry. Hopefully, more will be on the way at this same time.


2 thoughts on “First Online Entry”

  1. Welcome. I hope to keep up with your entries.
    And you’re right about one thing… “nothing’s EVER what it seems”. But you don’t get that until an experience teeaches you that. And still, sometimes it is still hard to learn.


  2. Hello!
    I would say welcome but today was actually my first entry as well. I just would like to say I completely agree with “nothing’s EVER what it seems” and being careful with whom trust. I’ve had terrible experiences with both and it hurt. But I learned from it, which should be what you should do during those times. Just take the positives from the situations and rid yourself of the negatives, that’s something I struggle with everyday (getting rid of the negatives). I tend to focus all my attention on the negative and not realize the positives that come from the situation, and because of that I suffer with depression, trust and abandonment issues, and anger.
    On a brighter note, I just bought the hush, hush series! I read hush hush when I was in high school and didn’t realize it had more books to it until a few weeks ago, I look forward to reading them.
    Stay positive and strong. πŸ™‚
    I look forward to reading more of your entries.

    Until next time,

    Destiny πŸ™‚

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