I am broken

I ran away from my husband on tuesday because I was afraid of his bad mood and beating, but now I am suffering even more in my heart, I failed in my marriage, the same day another woman took my place, what did I do wrong, where did I fail, I wanted a home, especially with him, I tried my best, I was on the verge of quiting my job to concentrate on building my marriage but I snapped under the immense pressure I was feeling and out of nowhere without even thinking of where I was going or how I would feel I just packed and left, now I feel like my heart is going to burst out of shame, and pain and regret and dissapointment and despair, I wish I could just die in my sllep and never have to face another day

4 thoughts on “I am broken”

  1. Be strong. It’s a new start. I’m not in the same situation, but similar, feeling broken and empty.

    We’re more than that. Trust me.

  2. You are way more than that. Time will heal. He deserved to be left with his mood and his beatings. You left because your instincts told you too. You didn’t fail… he did. You have a new start when you are ready (and you will be) you will find mr right and you will be happy.

  3. You are not the failure, he is. You can do it, just be strong. You can make it!

  4. I am in a better place, at least I know not everyone is out to hurt anyone, I can trust, sometimes I wonder what I may have done to attract such mistreatments, and I wish time will erase all bad feelings, there are people who care, people who won’t cheat, lie or abuse you, and at least I am not afraid anymore that I could get hurt anytime or even worse, love is all I need, thank you to all who encourage me and wish me well, I wish you the best possible life for you as I wish myself too , thank you

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