Managing your fandoms 1

Hey! It’s me, Silver! 

So, the first problem of a fangirl (or boy) would be their fan accounts. I have so many I can barely keep track of them. Try to limit yourself to three accounts per site, and have 3 emails you don’t use for work/school/family

Have the same passwords for every account! IT WILL HELP

I have never been hacked, and I have the same password. It also helps to make it difficult for others but easy for you, Example:

You have a cat name Ben, you had wanted to name FirestaR (Don’t use your pets actual name, it’ll be too easy to guess), but you’re family said no. Replace whatever letter you can with a number, and capitalize the first or last letter, so your password would be: F1r35taR

or if your pets name is too short, you could try something after it


If you use it for every account, it will be easier to remember, I promise.

If you don’t want to create a new email, there’s a great website called 10 minute mail which allows you to use an email for ten minutes so you can create an account and verify.

That’s all for now my warrior kitties!

Suggest something else for me to do!


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