I have one friend at school. I used to have more but now they all call me petty and try to start fights with me. I told the guidance teacher that I didn’t care if she talked to them because if they called me petty one more time I was gonna connect my fist with their face. I lied I really want to when they hurt me like they do but I’m too scared. My one friend is barely at school and so sometimes I have to sit by myself. I was told by the leader of the little group that I was being called petty because they thought I was being a hoe. Always upset when my boyfriend flirted with this one girl but I was going around flirting with everyone. I wasn’t. And now they have one of my closest friends on their side. But no worries I still have that one friend whos barely ever at school.😐

One thought on “School”

  1. You keep your head up.. They call you petty because they are jealous or they are insecure. I know it is easier said then done but ignore them, and do not show them it bothers you. You take the high road. They will get bored and eventually leave you alone. Be loyal to that one friend that stuck by your side. That one is your true friend.

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