school day

Yesterday, I started at school like I normally do but at break I was about to see my boyfriend but then I saw my best mate speaking to him and it was about me because they kept looking at me and pointing at me. As I was about to walk over to him he was on his way over but then ” my best mate” started an argument between me and him cause she kept slagging me off to him and then showed him messages to him of me and this boy who im friends with and my boyfriend got the other side of it and thought me and this boy was going out but we weren’t we are just friends. So then we started arguing and I was trying to ask my boyfriend that I wanted to talk to him on his own but no my mate had to stay and kept butting in so in the end I just said whatever do want ever you want now we are over.

I got home around 4pm from school, and then I got a message from my mate saying im so sorry for what happened at school I didn’t mean it to go that way and I texted back saying well u did cause u showed him messages from me and my mate who is a boy saying that we are dating and that I was cheating on Ethan (boyfriend).

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  1. Hope everyone likes it and btw this is true it did happen to me but I wasn’t cheating on my boyfriend if you want more just comment below and tell me xx

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