“What If I Were HIV Positive?”

What if I were HIV positive?
Would you stay with me or would you leave?
Would you tell me you ain’t got nothing to give?

What if I told you I were?
Would that mean I couldn’t live healthier,
love you more, and just be better?
Would our friendship and love grow stronger and prejudice and hatred weaker?

What if I told you that?
Would you take a step back?
Would you accuse me of having been bad?
Care to research for more facts?

What if I told you
that I am not looking for pity?
You don’t always have to feel sorry for me
I just want to live the best way as can be

What if it were you?
Would you feel the same way too?
Would this virus turn you blue?
Would you even know what to do?

What if you read this poem,
and felt the meaning hit home?
Would you think of me and wonder:
“No way, this can’t be her!”
or would you say:
“That’s okay, as long as we can stay friends forever”?

Am I?
Thankfully not.
Hopefully never.
But we never know.
We can only try
to stay alive and healthy with all we’ve got.
This doesn’t mean I am so much better,
than those who have to live with this everyday and more.

I choose not to judge.
I am not afraid of their touch.
So you’re safe to be friends with me,
and I pray that you’ll always be healthy.


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