Sam hasn’t talked to me since he told me his mom was going to ground him. We were caught talking inappropriately, or as some of you may call it, sexting. We’ve been together for nine months miraculously. Let’s just say… we don’t share the same views. I want to save myself till I get married, but he is willing to give in to temptation. Anyways, let’s forget about this issue. Am I the only one who still doesn’t know what to do after graduating high school? It almost feels like it. I have so many ideas, like: becoming a nurse in the Army, be an explorer/photographer, and I forgot what else. I’m in the library and I just saw a blonde guy with really long hair that is as straight as mine will never be. When I have my own house or apartment in the future, I would like to have my own library because people don’t know when to shut up. I wish I could say I love the silence but it doesn’t exist. Don’t argue with me, let’s be real. Do you hear the beating of your heart, the white noise, the sound of your heavy breaths? I do. I like the thunder and lighting. It proves me how powerful the sky can be. I can be powerful. I can be strong, kinda how the ants can lift up a cockroach with their tiny bodies. It gets really heavy on my shoulders so I eventually fall. And I start to cry. Just like the sky. Rain. One of the many beautiful things nature can do. I am getting extremely deep, aren’t I? Maybe I’m reading too many books.



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