There is this boy that I really like but my mother doesn’t approve of him. Im not sure what to do about it. He is the sweetest guy any girl could ask for. The reason to why my mother doesn’t like him is because he 21. I’m not really sure why she cares because I’m 18.

The other day he was talking to my friend about me and he called me his girl. Omg soo sweet. He didn’t officially ask me out but I guess we have a thing with each other.


if you guys have any comment please write I really want to know some ideas to this problem.

Thank you:)

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  1. As a mother of two beautiful monsters lol, I think that maybe should ask your mother why she sees the issues with you two possible furthering a possible relationship with him. It could be he has more experience most think oh all he wants to do is get in her pants. Or her past experiences and she is placing them on you and not even knowing she’s doing it, or that she doesn’t want you to get hurt and wants to protect you. And it maybe the age difference but your an adult so yes you can do what you want but most people what their families approval but remember one thing, that if you and him become a couple the only two people that matter are you and him, and you guys are on the same page and communicate is the key and trust…. And talk to him about it and see if he wants to further a relationship with you, what is the worst thing that can happen he says no then move on or he could say yes. Sorry long comment lol 🙂

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