Don’t say a word.

 Yesterday I got to be with my mom again at the hospital. Im just really emotional right now honestly, I’ll tell you how it all went. I was at school and it was the usual just being at school doing my work. I was worrying about my mom that she was the only thing on my mind actually I was anxious to get out of school already. Yesterday my mom had also asked me to not tell my sisters that she was in the hospital but I felt bad not telling them. She insisted that I wouldn’t tell because she didn’t want them to worry about her. When I got out of school Manuel had picked me up, I then asked him how my mom was and he stayed quiet. I then felt my heart drop and I insisted he’d tell me how she was, he then said “ok I’ll tell you what I know so far but I don’t want you to get scared ” everything just ran through my mind just thinking what can it possibly be I know my mom is fine. The words then just came out of his mouth saying ” the doctors did a ultrasound on your mom, they found something big in her stomach it was huge! They believe it can be a tumor or possibly cancer.” I then just sat there in my mom’s van just numb. My body literally felt like it was all just numb, I then began to cry and I thought my mom can’t have cancer it’s impossible there’s no one in her family that has ever got cancer! And I thought well how could she have got a tumor I don’t understand. Manuel then said that the doctors weren’t quite sure but to pray that it was nothing as serious as that. He then called my sister’s because we didn’t know what to do and they deserved to know where mom was at although mom had said to not say a word. They then came to Hoag Hospital and now I am here with them just thinking I should’ve told them sooner but at least they’re here now. 

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