Entry 4 : My Pet

1 December 2015

Its sharp sight detected the spot where the fly is resting not far away. The paws ready, making the most comfortable yet best position it can. Kneeling quietly, looking at the fly. Steady and off it jumps, trying to catch the innocent fly. Unfortunately it missed. Oh Ginger, that is the name I named it with. Ginger, a persian type of feline with orange fur and a beautiful soft-bushed tail. The cute kitten came to me approaching with a cute ‘meow’. It’s one of the rarest kind of cats I have heard from people.

However, rarest or not, I love my only pet here and the only loyal friend I could stick with. It loves being with me whenever I am emotionallu unstable. It knows how to make my day from sad to the happiest. Its ‘meow’ always brighten up my day. The spoilt kitten usually tries its best to get my attention when I am busy. It brings me joy to see its reaction. Ginger will always be my favourite. I wish it can live with me forever.

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