I want to be somebody else

I felt like this a lot growing up.

I didn’t enjoy who I was or how I didn’t quite fit in the same as everyone else.

I just didn’t want to be me. I could have been anyone else, I wouldn’t have minded.

I feel like that today. Today I did something very stupid while volunteering. It’s been playing on my mind all evening.


Why am I me?! Why?



One thought on “I want to be somebody else”

  1. Everyone in their lifetime has felt that they wanted to be someone else heck i am 31 years old and I have so much shit going on with being bipolar adhd anxiety and depression that its a battle some days to get out of bed it sucks. If you wanna be me for a day i’d trade trust me on that one lol but i have to i need to work and take care of my kids and honestly even with my family I have always felt like i was the one standing on the outside looking in and it sucks but sometimes that’s for the better less drama etc, there will be days that your down but you have to know you did everything possible to make yourself happy, no one else can do that for you, love yourself and the rest will follow.

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