Unprofessional in Social Media(I wrote this for class and thought it came out pretty good).

I feel unprofessional is anything that you be embarrassed to show your co-workers or your boss. Something that an employer may find unprofessional is someone showing up to work with a bottle of Jin in their hand.

Normally, you used to be able to have a good time with friends and family, maybe including a few drinks, at the comfort of your own home, and frankly, your boss wouldn’t care. Why? Because it’s your house and you are free to do as you wish…as long as it wasn’t at work.

However, due to websites such as, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, employers are now concerned about what you do on your free time…especially when you are exposing it to everyone when you are posting it on social media. It might not even be you directly posting it to your account. Maybe your best friend Sydney just so happened to tag you in one of her albums titled, “Fun Night at the Bar with my Girls.” Even if you don’t have your boss on your social media account, your profile is just one search away and everything you don’t want your boss seeing, their seeing!

This doesn’t mean you can never have fun with your friends and family ever again. It does mean that you have to be cautious about what you post and even what others post about you. It’s best to talk with your friends/family before the night out and ask them not to tag you into anything that you wouldn’t want your employer see. Also, it’s best to always keep your accounts private and never add your current employer on any social media.

Unfortunately, we no longer live in a private world. It is one of the most indelible truths we must learn to face. All we can really do is just accustomed to technology and be smart before we hit, “Upload”.

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