25 in-be-tween-time

Pouring rain on the roof at work. I love the sound. I say it so often, but I really do love the sound. What is it about the sound of rain that is so soothing? Maybe it’s the cleansing of the world. Washing away all our sins.

I am concerned for D. She is such a tween. The wind blows a different direction on her ocean every day. Sometimes every hour. I think I – we – are doing a good job in helping her navigate these turbid waters. I find that my own insecurities sometimes get in the way. I can’t let that happen. She is not me. She is her own person. I think about what a sad?, dark?, intense?, anxious?, – all of the above? – time it was for me and I just want her to move through it with more grace than I did. I don’t expect her to be an expert at being a tween/teen but I want her to be happy. She and I have some wonderful moments together. She likes me to help her shower sometimes. We get some good girl talk in. I love that.

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