A wake up call

I am not a writer.

I’ll start with my family is safe.

Yesterday, December 2, 2015, a gunman walked into a building that my mom works at/or attends regular meetings at and opened fire on people having their holiday party. A place that provides social services for disabled men, women and children.

I will never forget seeing the news on the television as I left my office, I will never forget sitting in my office with a wonderful co-worker, as I called my mom’s cell phone over and over with tears streaming down my face.  I will never forgot trying to call my sister, who works about a 1/2 mile away, I will never forget the way my heart sunk when I didn’t get a reply from anyone until approx. 20 – 30 min later.  I will never forget the way my whole body felt when I finally heard my mom’s voice telling me she was okay and my sister and the rest of my family were okay.

My husband and I also had a friend who is a police officer and one of the first responders, got shot in the leg and from what I heard, his wife was worried about his safety and not knowing was horrible.

I will never forget that there were upwards of 30 families affected by this terrible act of violence and 14 families that also were repeatedly calling their loved ones cell and sending frantic text messages and they did not answer.

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  1. I am so sorry that you and all of the people (those injured, those killed and those who are all emotionally changed forever) had to endure the horror of yesterday’s events. I am very happy that you and your family are safe. I wish a speedy recovery to your police officer friend that was shot.
    – Sheri

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