So my neighbor was upset at my boyfriend for the 3 months separation period and she thinks he is playing me so she called him left a message and he texted her today and said is, ” Listen, Katie, I’m a busy guy, but I understand your issue, however she needs to learn to stand on her own, I will be there for her but I can’t solve everything for her, I believe she can do it, do you?

So I do believe that he does love and care for me but he wants me to stand on my own and see if he didn’t love or care for me why would he do this if he didn’t believe i can do this and I do believe him and I will get back together.

And on a dumb note his one sister for some odd reason blocked me on facebook really grow up people geeze.. lol and anyways him and I will be back together in three months and happier then ever so she will have to deal with me and I am apart of Robbie’s life and he is apart of mine.

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