Secrets are yours to tell.

One really important thing I have learned in my 3 years of being in high school; Don’t tell secrets if they are not yours to tell. Not only have I learned that the hard way, I dragged everybody else down with me. But that is a story for another day.

During my time writing these emotion filled , dramatic so called ‘ Diary Entries’ I will be other names in replace of the real peoples for privacy reasons, because lets face it, god knows what my life is going to turn into when people actually read this!

Anyway, on with the story. I am really in the mood to write a depressing poem about war and how it effects people, not only the military who fights but everyone who helps outside of the battle. No I am not really but that’s how I feel. Could World War 3 break out in a matter of a couple of weeks due to the stupid decision made by the government?  Oh wait, according to everyone else a 14 year old doesn’t have a say in what happens when Isis attack. Oh a 14 year old won’t care when she has to move to Tristan da Cuhna in the South Atlantic Ocean, also known as the most remote island on the planet to be safe. See this is a 14 year old’s thoughts when listening to Adele’s knew album. Sorry Adele.

Maybe you should get to know me before I tell you my life story. My name is Lauren and I live in the UK. Here is a few things I hate; Labels, Stereotypes, boys. Here is a few things I like; Not many people, Girls, Ellen DeGeneres. I have a secret which is mine to tell and I have only told one person. That person I trust because he ‘ gay scouts honored’ he wouldn’t tell anyone. I also am a very good blackmailer when I need to be. But that secret will later be revealed in future journals. My women crush; Cara Delevingne and Ruby Rose. I am a feminist and believe in the equality of all races , genders, sexualities, heights and any other way people pick others out for being Unique. People pick others out because they are jealous of their difference and I can almost guarantee that every time. Can I also just say How much I hate how feminism has become a campaign that shames men and preaches women as they are the superior sex. And this is the sort of rants I have when I am single, alone , stressed over school and listening to Fight Song sung by Rachel Plattern.

I have just read over my writing which has taken me about 5 minutes in total to write and I must say, I am pretty impressed at how many secrets I can tell in less than 5 minutes. But just remember They are my secrets to tell, not yours.

Lauren x

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