depressed teen I really need help please read it all !!! :'(

hey ! I have no idea how to  start telling this but someday my best friend started telling me about some boy that just moved in town and then it he was the only thing she talks about until the became best friends i wanted to get to know him but she told me he’s dating some girl ! Malek she was my enemie sence school ! she was the kind of girlswho thinks that she’s special , then I heared that they broke up  lately . Days after I sended him an invitation on facebook but we didn’t talik an in 22 May 2015 we started talking he was so perfect likee he’s favourite movie was the fault in our stars which is mine too and like we have a lot of commin thigs but after that conversation we didn’t talk again and I just forgot aout him til 2 june the day he changed his cover picture it was Rachel Mc’s picture i asked him if he knows The Notebook which is one of my favourites so he said no even if I was sure that he knows that movie cause it s one of my best friend’s best move and each time we talk she’s like : oh yesterday I told he said he he he he he …. I think we match together as a couple so clearly he knows the movie cause she said so whatever i told him about the whole story of the Notebook he said that the story i s perfect … movies ? was always a reason for us to talk I asked him if he knows the new book of John Green , Papers Town he said no I told him that i wanna watch the movie he was like let me see the trailer and a few seconds later he was begging me to not watch the move he said that he wants us to watch together for the first time he was like just me and you .. he was the cutest person ever i mean dude he’s like the one I asked him if he does the same thing to get his girls I mean like . whatever when I talk to him i talk to him as me the real person like ines the open minded person , the dirty minded person … not the person who people wants me to be he asked me if I talk the same way with other guys I said NO he said why me ? I was like because ,, he asked me the same question twice again . We were talking on FB like for 24/7 I enjoyed talking to him he made me feel happy once in my life I knew that I had a crush on him ! however he started ignoring me more and more until 24 September when we stopped talking to each other . then we got back to middle school or prep school whatever ,, as always my best friend didn’t stop talking about him and their conversation it was killing me softly I burning inside dying .. I didn’t tell her that I have crush on him and on 23 October she told me that he wants to celebrate malek’s birthday he want’s to surprise her however they changed their minds in she invited them and no one told me about their plans I was like a fuel a few days later my best friend was like you have no idea how much he changed he’s becoming a djerk and …. I was like wow I didn’t say that she was like I swear sence he got back to malek I was laghing and then I just stopped and I was like wait , what , got back? dude what are talking about , seriously ?? what ever Melek is a controling person she’s  dealing with him like bitch I own you she has all his passwords and literly contoling his mind whatever I wanted to see his facebook profile and I just couldn’t cause he blocked me ! I knew that it’s her (melek) who blocked me of his facebook so I texted his phone “your dear girlfriend just blocked me from your facebook or it is you?” i then I relized that I jut did a big mistake ! i knew that i must comfass that I have a crush on him to my best friend and I couldn’t understand her reaction cause I told her every thing …. she said  that I should forget him I was like save your advice i know she’s right but it’s to hard for me he just left me with the memory in peace I’m dying in here I feel lonely Please I need help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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  1. Oh my lord. You can do this. Life isn’t just about the hard things in life, it’s about enjoying nice little things. You can email me anytime you need some help. I would be happy to talk to you any time. I’m rooting for you sweet heart!

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