Dream Entry – My lover & A boy I know

It’s a beautiful morning! Thankfully, I needed this sunshine and light today. Thank you!

Also, I had some dreams last night :

1. My lover had two dicks. One was large and one was smaller and skinnier. He would fuck me with the big one and jack off the other one. It was wild. We had no awkwardness between us when we were together.

2. I was married to a former co-worker of mine. But there was no affection or love. I would see my lover in secret. It came to the point where I was brazen about our meetings in the neighborhood. I realized that I had crossed the line several times over – I didn’t necessarily feel guilty about taking a lover outside of a marriage because my marriage was lackluster in that department. I did feel shame over flaunting my lover around where my husband and I would socialize and engage in our community. My husband liked to be on the computer and play games. We couldn’t connect. I had decided he was an oaf until he asked me point blank if I was sleeping with my lover, who he called by name. Maybe my husband was escaping. I certainly was.

3. My best friend’s little brother was moving down the sidewalk quickly. We had a quick exchange and then he was gone. There was something that needed to be clarified/communicated. I can’t remember what. I ran after him and followed him into an antique store. Coming through the door, in my haste, I offended an older man. I dismissed the grump and found the boy. He was along the wall with trinkets and richly colored wood tables. We talked and he challenged me. We came to an agreement and I offered him chocolate. In his bag he revealed all kinds of chocolate. He looked mischievous. We were on good terms.


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