I don’t know.

I don’t know. The three words that sum up my life completely. And now I am trying to think of what to say now to make this interesting however I seem to have a case of Writer’s Block. Not much around to inspire me to write. Let me set the scene;

A Medium sized bedroom with white and light pink walls with a single bed shoved against the wall. Grey sheets with stains on from two weeks ago when I spilled my Sweet Chili Chicken Sand which on it at the Launderette. The dull rattle of rain dripping onto tins outside and Christmas songs filling in the gaps between drops.

And that’s all I got for you because I am to tired to type 🙂

I always used to thing a diary was to write about your day. The End. however I now have decided that my 5 year old thinking was right in some ways. I was tiding my room earlier today and found something that I wrote when I was 9. When I was 9 I found out about Different sexualities. I also found about the homophobia and inequality around the world.

beautiful women and strong men fall into the cherished category. In relation to this stereotypical view, one must be heterosexual to be accepted as normal. This brings me to the taboo, abnormal point of view towards homosexuality.

In society today homosexuality is still not whole-heartedly accepted because of the stereo-typical views that are still in place. As a society in the UK that is still mostly Christian; homosexuality is viewed as immoral because of what is written in a book known as the Holy Bible. Many people use this religious text to justify the vicious slandering of an entire group of people. According to Jim McKnight’s recent book on evolution and homosexuality, homosexuals are created by genetics, not by choice. I know this because of the violence that oppresses my friends that are included in this lifestyle. Most of the badgering that they are afflicted by is caused by the people who call themselves Christians. In our society these Christians attempt to force their beliefs down the throats of those who posses conflicting ideas of a sin free society, in a country in which we are given unlimited freedom to believe in what we want and to live our lives the way we choose.

The media has projected a view of homosexuals that is not only stereotypical, but also it is insulting to this particular group of people because like everyone in this world, every single human on the face of this earth is his own individual.

I know , big words for a 9 year old girl. But just remember , we don’t all dream about being a princess when we are older. This next one is one I wrote yesterday about feminism.

I hate how feminism has now become a campaign which shames men and preaches about women as though they are the superior sex. The whole point of this organization is to increase the movement towards gender equality but implying that men are inferior defeats this motive and completely contradicts the entire purpose of trying to make a equal SOCIETY!

And there is my inspirational quotes until net year.

Lauren xx

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  1. As someone who is ahem….older than you….I would just like to say, love the post and it makes me have hope for the younger generation 🙂 Even at this age, I can tell you most of us still have no clue what we’re doing or where we’re going, and it’s completely ok and acceptable not to know! xx

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