The results..

Lately my life has been confusing. I’ve been hit in the heart with something so hard to understand how it can happen. On Thursday night I found out something which I can barely talk about it. My mom has also been in the hospital since Monday so it has been a week already. Thursday night my two sisters came to Costa Mesa as soon as they found out what was wrong with my mom. The doctors said that my mom has cancer, also that she may only have less than 6 months to live. It hit me really hard that I didn’t even know what to do, the pain I just couldn’t handle it anymore. When my oldest sister told me about mom having cancer I literally fell to the ground but she ended up catching me. Just all those memories of being with mom or her being there at graduation hugging me wasn’t going to happen. I was really sad and crying a lot until I had a big headache . Me being the youngest child I really want my mom to see me graduate and see me succeed. My mom always wanted to see me graduate it is all she has been waiting for, everything a mother can want for her child is to see them graduate and be successful. One day she is ok and the next you find out she is leaving soon. In my heart I feel like she’s going to be with me forever. I love my mom, it’s hard to have to think about that and then having to end up coming to school. 

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