єηтяу 2: 12-6-2015

                                               мιѕтяєѕѕ кιкι’ѕ тнσυgнтѕ αη∂ ѕυcн
We are going to have to work on your procrastinating my sweet girl. I am so excited to see you in your ears and tail. I can wait sorta, lol I am excited for you. I am glad your brother paided you back, I truly hope he is not on heavy drugs for his safty and for your heart. I am your gonna be optimistic about the situation. Look at it this way, don’t let it bear down on your mind until your sure. Yes have a little bit of worry but do not let it weigh too heavy on your heart. I am glad you liked that I responded. I figure I can lead by example and also give you praise by wrighting to you as well. Giving me oppertunity to reveal more about myself and also give myself a venting route if I need one.

                           му яєѕρσηcє тσ тнє тнιηgѕ му gιяℓ ωσυℓ∂ ℓιкє тσ ∂σ

  1. Watching a movie/play/series and cuddling

~ I would like this very much. I deffinately enjoy cuddling with you and from what we have been talking about it seems we would deffinaltely find intrest in some common tv programs weather it be a movie, play or even a series. As far as the cuddling I would love to cuddle PG or Adult. I haven’t brought up adult because I do not know your comfort level with that yet. I do not mind waiting for Adult cuddles if I have to.

2. Exploring

~ I would absolutely enjoy taking my sweet girl for walks. I think that would be fantastic.

3. Training Roleplay

~ I love roleplay, I think this would be lots of fun. I am still learning myself and would try my best. ♥

4. Shopping

Now this sounds like alot of fun, helping each other pick out things for people sounds cool. I aslo like the ideal of shopping in secondlife together. Fyi though, how you dress isnt gonna change nothing I am already so proud of you that I can’t stop smiling from the moment we start to talk. 

5. Talking on skype and playing a game

~ I do love to play games, I have steam as well but no games yet. I love games with objectives. <3 I think this would be really cool to do. 

                                           Qυєѕтισηѕ тσ αηѕωєя ƒσя му gιяℓ

  1. What kind of job do I have?

~ I work in the kichen at the hospital currently. I have been there a year I am hopping to transfer when I go back into plbotomy I am a registed medical assistant. I choose the medical feild because I love to help people.

2. What if my favorite kind of food?

~ I am stuck between pizza and spegetti… ooo oo and cookies and um garlic bread. lol

3. Do I have a place I have always wanted to travel to live?

~ Ireland, I love everythign about Ireland from the scenory to the accents XD. I truely find it beautiful and cultural. I have wanted to go there since I was a little girl.

4. If you could only be smart or only happy, which one would you choose and why?

~ Happy. To be smart is onething but like money it wont bring you happiness is could lead you down the road to loneliness. I would always choose to be happy unless it is to choose my happiness in turn to take anothers.

5. What extracurricular activities or sports did I participate in, while in high school?

~ I played Violin in advanced orcestra. I enjoyed the music and the feeling of being able to create it. I also was in track and feild but unfortunately I have issues with my ankle and had to quit.

6. What is my favorite type of punishment to give and why? *also least favorite*

~ I love to spank, not rough enough to leave marks or anything. The reason it shows that I am the one in charge that I will always protect one but at the same time I demnd respect. 

  • My least favorite but will do, is to inforce a period of time with out communication from me. I only use this when my submissive ignore everything I say and I feel as if I am in their eyes unnessisary and do this to show they either need me or not. I hate it because it makes me feel awful and weak, its the one thing I do where I feel out of control of the situation. 

7. How would I describe myself in three words?

~ Caring, Optimistic, Strong <- all being of a mental stand point.


8. If I woke up one day and I was a man, what would the first three things I would do before changing back?

~ 1. I would definately have to experiance blue balls or being hit in them. Men whine so much and compare it to child birth. I would have to know for myself.

2. Experince trying to pee with morning wood. Its a must, I love a challange. I would walk into the bathroom look at the toilet and say “challenge accepted.”

3.  Hit on my fiannce, I would love to see his reaction to it. 

Honestly I cant say be with a woman because, I have been with plenty as a woman and really I dont need to be a man to have fun and give pleasure. Sometimes I can act like one though.

9. Whats my all time favorite Disney movie?

~ Lion king hands down

10. What is a kink or two that you have not tried that you have been wanting to try or experiment with and why?

~ I suppose the only one I can really think of is a threesome. I have not ever experianced that and I don’t really have a reason as to why it just looks like a lot of fun. More to the point, to dominate while being dominated or to dominate while being intamate with my sub and another.  Something I have thought about. >..<


                                                     му gιяℓѕ ηєχт єηтяу

Tomarrow you are to write about your day as usual, however at the end you are to answer these same questions for me.


ι αм αℓωαуѕ нєяє тσ ρяσтє¢т уσυ му ѕωєєт gιяℓ
~мιѕтяєѕѕ ƒσχу вαтs ♥

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