A healthy way to handle hurt.

When I am in pain – physical or emotional – the kindest thing I can do for myself….


Make some tea. Take a minute to slow down and to reflect. Figure out where the pain is coming from, and whether I am doing it to myself.

I tend to dig at my own pain, making it worse. It’s almost a twisted “cleansing” thing, like if I can make it worse, the initial pain will feel smaller in comparison. Sore muscles, a bruise? I poke, stretch, and dig until the pain is more intense. Feeling hurt or wronged? I go over scenarios in my mind until I can create one that hurts the most, and I relish the intense pain before I can let it go.

The kindest thing I could do for myself would be to take a minute to experience the pain, and then stop. Just let it go. Move on, breathe, meditate, relax, and distract myself with words of inspiration or happier times. Maybe I can practice some goal reflection or reevaluation, depending on the situation and pain I am experiencing.

Drink some tea, breathe deeply, and move on.

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