Who do you tell that you can’t resist the temptation? Do you tell your mother? Do you tell your brother? Do you tell a potential lover?

This temptation to which I give in. Do I like it to begin? Do I like the end? This pleasure is a sin.

If others outside the circle knew about my sin, would they turn the other cheek? Overlook the way I was meek?

Or would they look me in the eye, tell me with a sigh, that I will only dry and wither away if I keep it up.

They too have imperfections, but since I have placed mine in the open, the limelight is on me. So their gaze will follow me and keep me in the spotlight until I feel the pressure, the heat, until I retreat away from their circle that I have been banned from because I am no longer like them. They will keep their status, I will become the animal, a lesser being, one without choice, a potential feast. If you are weak, you will be eaten, if you do not eat you will be beaten. I do not understand. This is why I say nothing.

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