Wow in shock

okay so other night my neighbor whom thought was trying to save me from heartache and I ganged up on my boyfriend and yeah that didn’t turn out to good. So th next night we talked I thought that night that when he said I don’t love you at his time I thought he never loved me at all and was breaking the promise he made to never leave me and then we talked and I totally understand what’s going on he wants me to be mentally stable to handle a relationship and also that I want rely on myself and he is standing behind me and I now know he is keeping his promise and the reason he said 3 months was so I can get my shit together so I contacted college to,go back I finally know what I want to do with my life and I am going to see if there is some group on better coping skills on top of reading about being more positive and after I figured out he does love me and he is keeping his promise I was in tears because I have never ever met a guy who is willing to wait for me for 3 months to get my shit together and see where we are at but honestly he is giving me tough love and honestly what he wants of me is what I’ve been saying what I want to do but telling me to go out in the world and do it so I am. I am seriously never ever letting him go. So today called the college Tuesday I am taking my math placement yuck and need to talk to my advisor to see what I can do I don’t want to do to much i become to overwhelmed. I am in shock my dad actually wants to meet him he had never never ever wanted to meet my ex husband or my ex boyfriend I am like wow dad.

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