Christmas lights’ romance

This lovely time soon comes to my home and my heart))): A year ago when i was so fallen in love with one guy this lights made a huge impression on me and forever stayed in my heart..

I clearly remember how we keep awake during the whole Christmas nights and how many warm words we gave each other…))): how i was dedicated to him and how much i felt this feeling..even if there was a millions of kilometers between us i was feeling the love when talking to him as much as i thought and felt him next to me, his body lying here in my bed and my arms around him…i still miss it so much…we are parted forever and will never be together….i miss him but only the way i thought he was, not the way he really is…i miss our love..everything connected to him, his kisses , cuddles….that made me week so badly.. I miss the way we were at first ..this surreal but honestly loving period of time…

i still have a huge love inside of my heart but i’m afraid i will never express it towards anyone…i’m afraid of loosing everyone and everything again…there is a feeling, very strong and pure feeling …but because of all of these broken vows it cant keep alive i think……..

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